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Vent Replacement service

Why replace your Air Conditioning Vents?

Doing renovation of your house or thinking about selling your property? But the vents are ugly and yellow which make your property look and feel old and dated?

It’s time to replace and get new ones which will take years off the age of your home. Old vents often lack efficiency and changing them is a good consideration. Our skilled technicians specialise in seamless vent replacements, ensuring optimal airflow and refreshing coolness and warmness throughout your space.

We understand the critical role that proper ventilation plays in maintaining a healthy, hygienic and comfortable living or working environment. Our vent replacement service is tailored to address specific needs for airflow. We offer domestic as well as commercial vent replacement service in Melbourne, we are here to provide you with effective, reliable solutions to enhance your indoor air quality.

Why Choose us for Vent Replacement?

Expertise: With years of experience in the heating & cooling, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry, our skilled licensed Plumbers and technicians can replace your old vents with new ones that don’t age.

Custom Solutions: We recognise that every ceiling & space is unique. Our Vent Replacement Service is personalised to meet the specific requirements of your property, ensuring optimal performance, air circulation and a modern feel.

Quality Products: We source and install high-quality ventilation diffusers and components, ensuring durability, efficiency, and compliance to industry standards.

Improved Air Quality: Our vent replacement service is designed not only to address mechanical issues but also to contribute to improved indoor air quality. Breathe easy with We.

Efficient and Prompt Service: We understand the urgency of addressing ventilation concerns. Our team works efficiently and cleanly to ensure timely vent replacements, minimising disruptions to your routine.


Ducted evaporative air conditioning vents generally come in 3 sizes. The small 300 x 300 square vent is used in small bedrooms or small home offices. 400 x400 square air conditioning vent is used in larger areas like the master bedroom, kitchens, dining rooms. and large day time living areas. A 6-way evaporative air conditioning is used for very large rooms where you need lots of airflow.


Internal neck size of the air conditioning vents. Or the size of the hole cut in the ceiling.

Second measurement is the diameter of flexible ducting connected to the back of the air conditioning vent.

Place a drop sheet on the ground under the air conditioning vent.

use a ladder to reach the ceiling vent and remove the plastic vent clips

Pull down and remove the whole vent from the ceiling and replace.

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360 Heating and Cooling Specialist is created by a group of passionate and highly skilled technicians with over 40 years of valuable experiences in heating and cooling installation, repair, service, and maintenance. We are delighted to serve for the residential community and commercial industry.
Ensure your heating and cooling system working efficiently and smoothly is our main goal.

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